(Pest control service): We also have our own line up in pest control service. We are specialized in controlling pests which we provide with a money-back guarantee! This service is available anywhere in Bangladesh.


Pest control service


Sometimes, bugs may become a nightmare in your daily life. They can cause damage to your furniture, foods and other accessories.

Sometimes pest causes high damage in food factories and storages like rice or flour storages. They also cause damages in cultivation lands which can cause heavy loss to farmers.

Mosquitos have high outbreaks in the area isolated with ponds, drains, congealed water and they carry many harmful diseases. So they needed to be controlled with skilled hands.



We can control any kinds of pests like rats, flies, cockroach, spider, ants, bed bugs, land bugs, termites, mosquitos, etc.

We will use special pesticides that will kill pests instantly and will not cause any side effects. We will give assurance to kill the last single bug in your place.

We are offering this service as a money-back guaranteed service to you! So, you can fully trust us in this service.

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