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We are trying to improve and modernize the shifting service in Bangladesh since 2014. So that tells, we are long time experienced and simply the best in this platform. Since 2014, we have provided home shifting, office shifting, personal shifting, car shifting, industrial shifting and any single item shifting to our thousands of customers anywhere in Bangladesh/even outside of Bangladesh. So we have a high time involvement in this platform and experienced a long way of journey and made thousands of people smile by our service.

To get service from us, you simply need to contact us with the phone number or E-mail address which we have provided in our website. Then you have to provide us the details of your accessories and your current address and shifting address. After that, you have to pay us a cheap and worth amount of charge for your shifting . We believe that our pricing system will not hamper your daily expenses and you will not regret for it. Then you are all done and we will be waiting to your doorsteps soon!

Our crew members are long time experienced and co-operative. We can ensure that they will complete your shifting decorously without any hamper of your goodies Even they will save your valuable time in your shifting by completing the task with in the convenient time you will provide. Thus you will experience the best shifting service ever available in Bangladesh and you will come to us again!

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Contact us with the phone number or E-mail address which we have provided in our website
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Select your items for your shifting and provide us your from/to address

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Pay a cheap and standard amount for your shifting and you are done!
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