Home Shifting service in Dhaka

Home shifting is the most common in all of our services. Some of our customers from different places in Bangladesh have to shift their homes several times throughout the year and some of them change their homes in every two or three years for many purposes regarding their businesses. So, since 2014 we have been providing them with hassle-free home shifting service regularly. Therefore, it assures that we are a long time experienced in it.

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To Shift a Home Mere a Complication
to a Family Person

The huge number of families in our country shift home one place to another places every year, and sometimes they have to do this multiple times. We can assume that the number of furniture and accessories of a big family is very huge in number. They aren’t able on their own to shift those huge and heavy furniture. So the shifting of a family is a kind of nightmare for them. They must need the help of experts in order to relocate them duly. And we are the adept persons in front of you to reduce this stress.

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Our Careness During Shifting a Home

We are professional in relocating your huge and heavy furniture without any pannier. We use contemporary and big vehicles in order to move them.  We use anti-dust and waterproof covers to protect furniture from dust or rain. We use boxes made with foam in order to protect your furniture which are made of glasses.  So we are able to prevent from damage for your brittle furniture. We use also wooden crates for your expensive smashable outlets like utensils and other goodies in order to give them additional protection from damage.  We always keep in mind the importance of your beautiful furniture’s to you. All the time, our drivers are steady and well-trained and we recruit cool-brain young people for this job. They earnestly follow all the rules of traffic and driving.

So with our faith in all of those features and factors, we can make sure you all the security and fastest home shifting that you will ever experience! We will also provide you the services like pest control, cleaning, etc. services as well as home shifting.

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