Home shifting is the most common in all of our services. Our maximum customers from different places in Bangladesh are home shifters. So we are giving this service regularly and so long time experienced in it.



The huge number of families in our country shifts one place to different place every year, sometimes they have to move multiple times. We can assume that the number of furniture’s and accessories of a big family is very huge in number. They aren’t able to shift those huge and heavy furniture’s alone. So the shifting of a family is kinda nightmare for them. They must needs the help of experts in order to shift them properly. And your experts are in front of you!

We are able to relocate your huge and heavy furniture’s without any hamper. We use modern and big vehicles in order to move them.  We use anti-dust and water-proof covers to protect your furniture’s from dust or rain. We use boxes made with foams in order to protect your furniture’s which are made of glasses.  So we are able to prevent the damage for your fragile furniture’s. We also use wooden crates for your precious fragile shoppies, crockeries and other goodies in order to give them extra protection which they deserve.  We know the importance of your beautiful furniture’s to you. Our drivers are always steady and well-trained. They follow all the rules of traffics and driving.

So with the faith of all of those features and factors of us, we can ensure you a fully secured and fast home shifting you will ever experience!

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