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House and Office Shifting Service in Dhaka | BD Shifting Service: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving to a new home or office can be a daunting and stressful experience. With the adding demand for professional house-shifting services in Dhaka, it’s essential to find a  dependable and effective service provider. In this comprehensive companion, we will explore the colorful aspects of house shifting services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and help you choose the stylish service provider for your requirements. 

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July 2024

Professional packing by an expert team | BD Shifting Service

  • We provide a premium level of packing quality for your move.
  • We provide our professional and well-trained crew members.
  • Our crew members will pack and relocate your possessions with extra care and will provide you a 100% hassle-free shifting.
  • Our crew members will complete your relocation at your convenient time.
  • Experience premium level of home, office, industry, and personal accessory shifting service.
  • We also provide expert electricians and technicians, cleaning service, pest control service, and machinery parts servicing and relocating service.
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Home Shifting

Home shifting is the most common in all of our services. Our maximum customers from different places in Bangladesh are home shifters….

Office Shifting

Office shifting is one of the most complicated task. It is not like a house shifting or furniture shifting as it is very complicated. It is almost impossible …..

Personal Shifting

Sometimes you could fall in a necessity of shifting a single accessory. But the accessory can be huge or…..

Industrial Shifting

Moving a commercial industry is one of the most heavy task. It is almost impossible without….

Cleaning Service

We also have a line up in cleaning service. Importance of maintain the hygiene of a home, office, restaurant, industry etc…..

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs) about House and Office Shifting Services in Dhaka

How much do a house and office shifting service in Dhaka cost?
The cost of a house and office shifting service in Dhaka depends on various factors analogous as the volume of goods, distance to be covered, packing paraphernalia, and fresh services demanded. It’s essential to gain a detailed citation from the service provider to understand the overall cost.

How long does the shifting process take?

The duration of the shifting process depends on factors analogous to the distance between the origin and destination, the volume of goods, and the effectiveness of the service provider. Generally, an original move within Dhaka can be completed within a day, while long-distance moves may take 2- 3 days.

Can I trust the service provider with my valuables?

Choosing an estimable and licensed service provider with positive customer reviews is essential to ensure the safe handling of your valuables. also, professional service providers offer insurance content to cover any implicit damages or losses during the move.

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bdhiftingservice হল এক্সপার্ট টিম, তারা খুব দ্রুত এবং খুব যত্নসহকারে আমার বাড়ি স্থানান্তরিত করেছে ।
Industrial shiting service
Md Lemon Khan
Netrokuna, Bangladesh

House and Office Shifting Service in Dhaka

BD Shifting Service is the Best Home And office Shifting Provider in Bangladesh Planning to shift your house to a new location? Looking for hassle-free house shifting services in Bangladesh near you for safe relocation? Don’t worry. BD Shifting Service has the best movers for household furniture, appliances, and goods shifting at a competitive price in Bangladesh.

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